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Luxoft (NYSE:LXFT) is a global technology services and consulting partner that provides bespoke technology solutions to customers in 22 countries across five continents. Founded in 2000, Luxoft combines engineering excellence with deep industry expertise to deliver and implement technology solutions that drive business change. Through a combination of strategy, consulting and engineering services, Luxoft’s global teams use technology to enable business transformation, enhance customer experiences and boost operational efficiency. With over 280 active clients, Luxoft specializes in automotive, financial services, healthcare, life sciences, telecommunications and other industries.

LUX021: 07/01/2019

DXC Technology to acquire leading digital innovator, Luxoft

LUX020: 21/12/2018

Luxoft and LG Electronics to present a forward-looking vision for Autonomous and Connected Mobility at CES 2019

LUX019: 18/12/2018

Luxoft to accelerate in-vhicle voice adoption as software integrator for Alexa Auto

LUX018: 20/12/2018

Luxoft and Rinspeed showcase “microSNAP”, an Autonomous Mobility Concept vehicle for personalized digital lifestyles, at CES 2019

LUX015: 03/09/2018

LG Electronics and Luxoft forge partnership to bring webOS to new vertical markets

LUX014: 07/08/2018

Luxoft acquires autonomous drive and connected mobility specialist, Objective Software GmbH

LUX013: 01/08/2018

Luxoft and Daimler co-develop technology platform that powers the MBUX infotainment system

LUX012: 16/07/2018

Luxoft commits software developers in Berlin to MBition GmbH to help drive innovation in Daimler AG cars

LUX011: 10/04/2018

Luxoft releases PELUX 1.0 automotive software starter-kit on Open Source

LUX009: 27/03/2018

Launch of LuxTrace accelerates trace timing analysis by 10x in the automotive sector

LUX010: 20/03/2018

congatec powers Luxoft’s modular next-gen Automotive Reference Platform

 LUX008: 09/02/2018

Luxoft to exhibit its entire range of automotive technology services at Embedded World 2018

 LUX007: 08/01/2018

Luxoft to demonstrate new in-vehicle translator feature powered by SmartDeviceLink technology at CES 2018

LUX006: 21/12/2017

Luxoft showcases next generation technology driving automotive innovation forward at CES 2018

LUX005: 03/08/2017

Luxoft’s automotive technology practice boosted by ISG recognition

LUX004: 14/03/2017

Luxoft showcases Symtavision 4.0 timing design, analysis and verification tool suite at Embedded World 2017

Luxoft zeigt auf der Embedded World 2017 Symtavision 4.0 - die Tool-Suite für Timing-Design, -Analyse und -Verifizierung

LUX003: 03/03/2017

Luxoft launches Symtavision 4.0 timing design, analysis and verification tool suite

Luxoft veröffentlicht neues Release Symtavision 4.0 - die Tool-Suite für Timing-Design, -Analyse und -Verifizierung

LUX002: 20/09/2016

Luxoft unveils AllView II, a second generation automotive cockpit technology demonstrator

LUX001: 05/05/2016

Luxoft’s Georg Doll appointed to the Board of the GENIVI Alliance